Affandi Museum

Affandi Museum situated in Solo street, rather the geographical region of Gajah Wong water course, giving the chance for you to stay track of all the means that life of Affandi. You'll see the nice works of the artist throughout his life, the work of alternative painters that's spare, means that of transportation that he used erstwhile, occupied house to a studio that's currently accustomed nurture talent to color youngsters. The museum complicated consists of three items with the gallery I gallery as an area to buy a price ticket and also the starting of the tour. Gallery I in person opened by Affandi since 1962 and inaugurated in 1974 contains variety of paintings from the first work Affandi till the top of his life. The painting is mostly within the sort of sketches and paintings reproductions area unit placed within the work of 2 lines on rock bottom and fill the space recuperate elongated.

In Gallery I, you'll see variety of valuables throughout Affandi life. At the top of the space, you'll see the automobile in 1976 Colt Gallan a yellow color is changed so it resembles the form of fish, additionally associate previous bicycle that appears shiny as a method of transportation. you'll additionally see a replica of a sculpture of his portrait along with her girl, Kartika.

Gallery II, you'll see variety of paintings by artists, each beginners and seniors, that is spare within the deposit. Gallery that was inaugurated in 1988 consists of 2 floors with paintings that may be viewed from totally different views. the primary floor contains several paintings that area unit abstract, whereas the second floor contains paintings by realist vogue however with firmness.

Gallery III is that the next destination may be a recurvate line formed building with a roof forming banana leaf vein. That said, this 3-storey multifunctional gallery, the primary floor is associate exhibition area additionally because the location of "Studio of Gajah Wong" place for youths to hone talent to color, the second floor as area maintenance and repair of the painting, whereas the basement as an area to store a group of paintings. Shortly from the gallery III, there's a tower that might be used as an area to ascertain the sights. You'll see the full panorama of the deposit, Gajah Wong watercourse up to the hustle and bustle of the road. Down and walked to the west of the tower, you'll see the distinctive design homes used as residence Affandi along with his married woman and youngsters.