Bali Art Center Museum

Bali art center was found in Abian Kapas Denpasar, Bali, around 2 kilometers east of Denpasar. It's incorporates 2 story exhibition building open theater which will accommodate 5000 individuals. The style of architecture of the building, a mixed of Indonesian tradition and fashionable design, make it looked quite engaging and picturesque.

In the exhibition building varied art are on show ,such as painting sculptures,wood desire hand plain-woven cloth,silverware etc. all of that are the product of celebrated Indonesian creative person. if consider these work are closely we have a tendency to cannot fail to admire the extraordinary creativity and therefore the labyrinthine work involve in their production .They are therefore marvelous that they appear to radiate the glowing spirit of their creators. Man is mortal however the spirit of the art live forever work of art forever win men`s heart forever.

The dance and music performed at the art center are of the very best creative quality ,with swish movements and engaging melodies. The middle reflects the event of Indonesian art throughout the island. The Annual competition of Indonesian Art is thus focused at the art center that command each month of Gregorian calendar month. Covering quite 3 hectares of land and the center is truly a park with impressive structure within the middle encircled by coconut trees. There's low lake and low stream flowing across the park, creating an environment of peace and quiet for those that are visiting the place