Baron Beach

Baron, Krakal, Kukup, Drini and Sundak beaches are a line of beaches located in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. Baron is the closest beach from Jogjakarta, it is around 40 kilometers, while Sundak is the farthest at around 60 kilometers from the city. At Baron beach you will find a fishermen, there are descent inns and restaurants that serve fish dishes included lobster.

Few kilometers east from part of Baron beach is Kukup beach. It is more quiet there, and both Baron and Kukup are black sand beaches. From Kukup beach which about 6 kilometers, you can see Krakal, Drini and Sundak beaches. The three beaches have beautiful white sand and All the beaches are very quiet and Krakal and Sundak having some buildings and facilities. Drini beach is a small fishing village that specializes in lobster.

Wedi Ombo, Rongkop and Sadeng are the easternmost beaches of Yogyakarta around 80 kilometers away. Wedi Ombo is a white sand beach that is pure and very beautiful scenery as well, with a lot of rocks that extend out to sea. Sadeng beach is fishing port and also the observation station of the Indonesia Navy.

Rongkop is a rocky beach with a variety of sea birds, fishing and bird watching is very possible. However, if you intend to see the other beaches, especially Rongkop, Wediombo and Sadeng, you better use rent a car from transport service, as there is no public transportation available to those locations.