Bogor Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden was found at the guts of Bogor, 40 kilometer south of Jakarta and takes around 45 minutes. When you pass the price ticket gate, it's like getting into another world. It are often blazing hot out there, however pass the gate, it's cool wet climate, due to the big trees that's quite 100 years recent.

Straight north from the gate is that the cut lake, named thus owing to its look viewed from on top of. If you return around noontide, there area unit families having picnic at the facet of the lake. The oldsters can sit on the grass on high of plain-woven mat, look their youngsters taking part in close. They might usually bring some food and drinks to get pleasure from the shade of the trees.

At the north part of Botanical Garden is a Bogor Presidential Palace. The most facade of the palace face the cut lake, that separates it from the remainder of Botanical Garden. Bogor Presidential Palace is the solely Presidential Palace that's open for public. Entry to that palace is often finished allow from the secretary of the State.

The large part of Botanical Garden lies on the jap part, that is best explored with the traveler automobile and it can offer rationalization as he drive you to a part of Bogor Botanical Garden, prying rows of succulent, trees and flowers.

Between 3 and 4 years, the rare plant of Rafflesia Arnoldi can blossom. Ensuing cycle is anticipated to be in 2-3 years. It is blossom, the most important newspaper can pen it and it perhaps the foremost peak time for Bogor Botanical Garden. However even while not one, Botanical Garden could be a nice getaway place within the seek for contemporary air close to Jakarta.