Borneo History

The island of Borneo was within the inside of geographical region as a result of the island's got lots of cultural and political influences of the encircling islands. round the year four hundred the island of island has entered the age of history with the inscription found Yupa Kutai royal heritage however the event progress of civilization is comparatively slower than the opposite islands as a result of geographical constraints and therefore the tiny population.

In the ordinal century Odorico prosecuting officer Pordenone, a Catholic monk has visited island. round the year 1362 underneath the leadership of Majapahit's Gajah Mada duke of increasing its power to the island of island, particularly countries: Sampit, Kapuas Katingan, Ungga, waringin, Sambas, Lawai, Kandangan, Samadang, Landa, Tirem, sobbed, Barune, Kalka, Saludung, Sand, Solot, Barito, Sawaku, Tabalong, Cape Kutei, and Malano is that the most significant on the island Tanjung pura.

Borneo island is split into three areas once nice empire: Sultanate, Tanjungpura and Banjarmasin. Tanjung Sultanate Dato is that the boundary region with Tanjung Pura, whereas Cape sambur boundaries Tanjung Pura with Banjarmasin region.

At the time of the Dutch archipelago called island. In letters Tamjidillah aristocrat of the dominion of Banjar in 1857 to the Dutch in Yogyakarta resident, he mentions the island of island, not the island of island. This shows that among the population, the name island higher better-known than the name of island that square measure employed in the Dutch archipelago colonial administration.