Borobudur Masterpiece Dance

Action 1
Human emotional mood tends to alter just like the Rolling Wheel, that typically depicts greed, violence and mutual oppression. These all result in chaos and absorbing worry. Rakai Panangkaran called someone with sturdy ethical, it is often important to humans evils so, he teaches sensible ways in which of live. His teaching area unit incised in stone piles describing the morals of Kamadhatu, Rupadhatu and Arupadhatu.

Action 2
This scene depict the spirit of commonness, cooperation and unity among the folks at the foot of Menoreh hills whereas commencing the development of the Borobudur temple. The evil spirits comes intent on disrupt the work, that result in the people's suffering. The kingdom's officers and also the monks take actions to expel the evil spirits.

Action 3
King Samaratungga is set to finish the temple construction and with the people's full support and facilitate, he and his folks manage to end the project.

Action 4
King Samaratungga, his workplace and his folks provide convey to God for the whole construction of the Borobudur temple. They sit mutely and beneath the steerage of the monk they pray for peace and peaceful life.
Dinner time: 6 - 7 pm.
Performance time: 7 - 9 pm.
Location: At Aksobya Open Theater – Borobudur, Magelang