Floating Market

Floating Market Kuin water may be a ancient floating market on the stream at the mouth of the stream Barito Kuin, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. The merchants and patrons to use boat title in Banjar. The market was started when the dawn prayer till when seven o'clock. The sun rises within the group action reflects light weight vegetables and garden turn out from the village on the stream Barito village and its tributaries.

Boating lady traders sell their own production or the neighbors referred to as the hamlet, whereas the second user purchase from the hamlet referred for merchandising. The special thing of this market continues to be common among the trader barter transactions yachting, that is during a language referred to as Banjar Bapanduk. Kuin floating market currently extinct follow an amendment confirmed by the land market. Several tourists visiting Kuin should swallow the frustration of finding no market exotic stretching over the water.

Extinction of ancient markets within the region "a thousand rivers" was triggered by a greedy land culture and supported by regional development forever oriented of the land. Stream channels and canals destroyed roads replaced with ease. Communities that have had several boats are currently proud to possess a motorbike or automotive.