Ganjuran Church

Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Ganjuran will be reached by driving a car as way as 20 km from Yogyakarta. The scenery of the inexperienced fields and pine trees can greet you upon coming into Ganjuran village wherever the church stands. Visiting this church, you'll find out about the history culture of Christian church and also the culture of Java.

Ganjuran church complicated was in-built 1924 on the initiative of the Dutch descendants of 2 brothers, Joseph and Julius Smutzer. This church is one in every of the buildings engineered since the 2 brothers began to manage Gondang Lipuro Sugar factory and works within the space in 1912. Alternative buildings were established 12 faculties and a clinic that became the forerunner of Panti Rapih Hospital. Church designed by Dutch designer J. Yh van Oyen is a variety of social spirit of the church (Rerum Navarum) in hand Smutzer brothers, specifically the spirit of captivated others, particularly the welfare of native those who principally were employees at the Sugar works Gondang Lipuro that reached its golden within the year 1918 to 1930.

During its development, the church complicated is increased by the development of the temple is known as when the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ in 1927. Terrace embellished with reliefs of the temple with lotus flowers and a sculpture of Christ with Java's consumer goods became an alternative choice wherever the Mass and perform the journey, however within the church, that offers proximity to Javanese culture.Walking round the church, you'll notice that this building was designed with a mix of European vogue, Hindu and Javanese. European-style buildings will be found within the variety of a cross once viewed from the air, whereas the Javanese vogue will be seen on formed roof, the roof will be used as an area of worship.

The roof is supported by four pillars of teak wood, figuration the four Gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Javanese refinement is seen on the altar, a place to store instrumentation mass, doopvont as container of water for baptism and chatevummenen as the catechist. Sculpture of Jesus Christ conjointly the Virgin Maria holding her son and was also delineated carrying Java. Equally reliefs at each stop of the means of the cross, Jesus Christ is delineate as having hair sort of a priest.