Gedongsongo Temple

This is a resort on the slope of mount Ungaran, concerning 900 meters above sea level. Gedongsongo or nine buildings is a gaggle of 8th century Hindu Javanese temples. It is reached either by car or on horse and engineered at concerning constant time because the temples of the Dieng temple, Gedongsongo temple is one among the foremost fantastically sited temple complexes in Central Java and also the views alone area unit well worth the trip. Gedungsongo temples belong to the earliest antique of Java and they follow up the temples on Dieng highland directly for what concerning time.

They were engineered within the mountains in a locality full with volcanic activity and they are from Hinduism origin. However, the temples on Dieng upland area unit somewhat squeezed into a foggy natural depression. Gedongsongo temple area unit contact the upper elements of the mountains, that guarantee a splendid read. On clear days, the horizon is one long row of volcanoes from mount Lawu within the east, towards mount Sumbing, Sindoro and Dieng within the west.

The temples were engineered in the year between 730 and 780 AD, the primary temple excepted that may are engineered some 30 years later. Gedongsongo is not the initial name and it does not purpose at the quantity of structures. The quantity 9 features a special which means within the Javanese culture, during which there's a robust attachment to numbers. The Gedongsongo temple area unit set at concerning constant distance from one another on a naturally shaped terrace of fringe of a mountain.