Glagah Beach

Glagah beach is located in Kulonprogo and is an ideal place for those who love fishing for there are plenty of fishing pools in the place. The beach is 40 km southwest of Yogyakarta and the beach marks the end of the Serang river where it empty into the south sea. There are lush green field lined with coconut trees running along the side of the beach. You can camp on those fields or spend some relaxed for a moment while you enjoy the beauty surround.

When you come to Glagah beach, you will directly find plain coastal land. This gives you an opportunity to get wider view of all directions. When you look at straight ahead, you will view the long horizon of the ocean and sky. The beauty of bending coastal line will satisfy your view when you look either westward or eastward part. Both the plain coastal land and the long coastal line also give you some alternative location to see the beauty of coastal scenery. Every part seems has different nuance even though they are located at the same place. In each location, you can enjoy the overall view of the beautiful beach without boundaries of huge coral reefs.

The first location to get best view of the coastal area is the one that is planned to become a harbor in the next future. The harmony meeting point between the river stream and the ocean waves can be seen by climbing to the view post in the location. From the first location to some hundred meters westward, you can find a loog with the water flowing into the river estuary. This lagoon divided the coastal area into two part, one with coastal plants and weeds and the other place with the sand dune that directly border on the sea. You can cross to the sand dune area through a connecting bridge that is located close to the river.

In addition to the beautiful coastal scenery, this beach also has various beach tourism facilities. One of them is motor cross circuit that is located at the seaside that will satisfy hobbyists of this sport. Meanwhile, the road connect between Glagah Beach and other beaches can be utilized for fun bike activity. You can even enjoy the Agro tourism facility by visiting Kusumo Wanadri plantation. There, you can observe cultivation process of medication herbs such as: Dragon fruit and Roselle flower. Beside you also can hire the bamboo-boat canoe, and rowing duck that you can use to explore the lagoon or you can just cross the wooden bridge to come to the sand dune area at the seaside.