Imogiri Royal Cemetery

It is the topographic point advanced Imogiri for Mataram kingdom and the families. The advanced is found in Girirejo Imogiri. This topographic point was supported by Sultan Agung between the years 1632 - 1640 could be a building owned by Sultan. King of Mataram who first buried within the Sultan Agung Imogiri Hanyokrokusumo. He set that Imogiri later became his topographic point when his death. hitherto the King of Yogyakarta and Surakarta, who died area unit buried here. The holiday season several native tourists visiting a journey to the topographic point Imogiri besides the gorgeous scenery whereas enjoying the mountains south of Yogyakarta. In Suro ceremony was command per the Javanese calendar cleansing "drained" Padasan Kong Enceh. Imogiri topographic point advanced there area unit varied buildings and sacred objects remains preserved. Construction of the first building created ​​of brick. The buildings that exist within the topographic point advanced lmogiri as a house of prayer.

It is contained within the topographic point advanced, a standard house of prayer that was engineered roughly at the time of Sultan Agung. The building usually still solely on the first construction area unit experiencing a amendment that's on the ground. Shingle-roofed house of prayer, however currently the highest coated with metallic element. in order that the roof, shingles will solely be seen dart within the house of prayer.

Another component of political orientation during this house of prayer is Pawestren and pool within the curtilage. Within the entrance hall there's a body of the house of prayer, massive diameter 99 cm, length 146 cm. per necropolis caretaker percussion is formed ​​during the house of prayer. Another component is that the original pillars of teak wood base with a square at Sangga of the stone. Mihrap a distinct segment on the west wall, and therefore the dais embellished with carvings of them have times.