Indonesia Volcano Hike

Indonesia with its 17,000 islands is definitely a place to be to explore the marvels of the beauty and untapped wilderness. Apart from the islands and beeches of this tourist attraction rich country, one of the key highlights is a large number of active volcanoes, craters and beautiful lakes created as a consequence to this volcanic activity and the mesmerizing hike to the volcanic mountains. In fact, Indonesia is a home to some of the world’s best volcano mountains including the mesmerizing Mount KraKatau in Smatra, Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru, Mount Merbabu and Ijen Crater in Java. These are such fabulous highlights of Indonesia that every years it attracts a big number of tourists to these mountains.

indonesia volcano

If you are planning to visit one of these super awesome hot spots of the world you should make sure you arrange for the right type of gear before attempting any of these. These are not any ordinary walking tracks where you could be very casual .In fact, you should make a detailed checklist of the items that you should arrange for your hikes to any of these volcano mountains. Broadly speaking you should arrange a for a qualified guide to accompany you to this trip, arrange for suitable and adequate camping gear, a nice bag pack and your supplies including some basic medicines other than the ones that are prescribed to you. BE thorough with the following items:

  • Hiking Boots is a must have. Since it is not an ordinary trekking trip sneakers are a definite no. You would find that the ash and soot from volcanic activity is very thick and is extremely slippery. Make sure to get your hands on good brands such as scarpa or lowa or any other brand that comes with vibram soul and a steel toe.
  • Backpack is any person’s survival line on such trips. You should choose the right type of the backpack not too big and not too small. In case you have arranged for the porters to accompany you, you would still want to carry a day pack with your loaded with the immediate supplies that you would need. You backpack should have your clothing’s, your medicines, your dry food items and other stuff as advised to you by your trip guide or planner.
  • Camping Gear to be arranged in case you are planning on a trip which would require overnight stay. Get your hands on a god tents, sleeping bag and a good quality mat.
  • Walking Stick & A lot of Water is something that you would need the most in these trips you would need to hydrate a lot since you would be exerting big time. The walking stick would help you navigate and maneuver with support both while climbing up as well as in your descend.

Once you have arranged for all of the above and have coordinated for your trip, just get there and treat yourself with the most beautiful and mesmerizing spots of Mother Nature. Volcano Mountains are not something that you can find in every other country and that too in such abundance, it’s only in Indonesia where it happens. If you have not been to Indonesia and are planning for your next vacations this summers, this can surely be one of those once in a life time experiences that you will cherish or the rest of your life.