Kasunanan Palace

Kasunanan palace is one of among the exotic buildings in its time. One amongst the creators of this palace is patrician Mangkubumi that later titled is Hamengkubuwono I and that is additionally the most architect of Sultan Palace in Yogyakarta. Therefore, it's not stunning that the fundamental pattern each palaces Yogyakarta and Surakarta have a general equation. Kasunanan palace, because it wasn't designed at the same time in 1745, however was inbuilt stages by maintaining basic abstraction patterns that stay an equivalent as at first. Development and large-scale restoration recently performed by Susuhunan Pakubuwono X who reigns from 1893 up to 1939. Most of the palace is painted white and blue with a combination of Javanese and Europe design.

Kasunanan palace additionally called Surakarta Palace was built in 1745 by King Pakubowono II. It's the principal Palace of Surakarta and was designed at an equivalent time this town was found. This palace was supposed to exchange the previous palace in Kartasura, regarding 12 kilometer west of Solo. In general, the division of the palace include: Alun Alun Lor (North square Sasana Sumewa, North Sitihinggil, North Kamandungan, Sri Manganti, Kedhaton, Kamagangan, South Srimanganti and South Kemandungan, and South Sitihinggil and Alun-alun Kidul or South Square.

These Palace complexes square measure encircled by Baluwarti, a defensive wall of that height is regarding 3 to 5 meters and a thickness of regarding one meter while not collapsible shelter. These walls enclose a region with an oblong form. That space is regarding 500 meters wide and regarding seven hundred meters long. The Palace that's within the wall is from North Kemandungan to Sout Kemandungan. Each complexes, Siti Hinggil and squares, aren't encircled by this defensive walls.

The curtilage is dominated by a tower referred to as Panggung Sanggabuwono, a mysterious tower wherever become the place of meeting between the King and Kanjeng Ratu Kidul, Javanese story of the southern ocean queens. Sanggabuwana Tower is that the solely monument in Dutch East Indies that is choked with dignity and peace, tradition, art and culture of classical royal Javanese design.