Kerep Cave

Kerep Cave Ambarawa was established in 1954. The Pope declared that year as Madonna’s Year in memoriam of 100 years of dogma: The Conception of Virgin Mary. The momentum created a number of the parish folks and their shepherd to make up a devotion to Virgin Mary by presenting the sculpture of Mary as found within the female parent Shrine of Lourdes, France and putting it in an exceedingly place that is a journey place. It aims to meet the requirement of a journey place for catholic folks in northern Central Java owing to get there square measure journey places on the southern, those square measure Sendangsono and Sendang Srininigsih.

Based on the story, there was a house and land within the village of Kerep, Ambarawa that belonged to urban center vicarship for Kongregasi Bruder Apostolik. With the permission from Mgr. Albertus Soegijapranata, S.J. urban center Apostolic vicarship, the place was used as a journey place, imitating The female parent Shrine of Lourdes. Supported a piece of writing from Father L. Koersen S.J. in St. Claverbond magazine, issued in might be 1954, it absolutely was same, Brother Vincentio asked Chinese students to dig the stones from Panjang stream, then those stones were passed from one person to a different to the placement of the shrine engineered.

According to a witness, B. Tjiptosutedjo, Father Koersen SJ (the director of Kongregasi Bruder Apostolik Semarang) set place of the shrine. He adscititious that the scholars in dormitory junction rectifier by their lecturers collected the stones from Panjang stream. as a result of the creating of the shrine and road social control required a lot of stones, they required extra stone, sand and cement, so that they bought them. within the shrine making’s method, the folks with the scholars of SGB and construction employees helped each other.

After it absolutely was completed, Maria Kerep cave and also the sculpture of our woman of Lourdes was declared formally and blessed by Mgr. Soegijapranata in an exceedingly massive ceremony on August the fifteenth 1954, The Feast of the belief of The Blessed Virgin Mary. There have been lots of individuals attended the ceremony. it absolutely was started by a procession from Ambarawa church to the placement of the shrine, continuing by a blessing mass, worship, and also the exposition of the blessed religious ceremony.