Kitesurfing and Surfing in Bali - All You Need to Know

Surfing is a recreational or sports activity that has a lot of benefits, which range from health and fitness to social benefits. No wonder the activity is making great waves worldwide, indeed celebrities do surf. Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is a surfing style that is performed atop a water body. Kitesurfing harnesses the force of the wind on a traction or power kite that is designed to provide a significant pull to the user on the surfboard. Here, we want to walk you through how kitesurfing has been taking ground in Bali.


Kitesurfing in Bali

Surfing is remarkably trending upwards in Bali, the Island of Gods due to its outstanding beach scenery. In fact, there are many surf spots with vast varieties of breaks and extraordinary patterns of tides and winds that are best fit for kitesurfing. In fact, the recreational activity is now becoming a booming business in Bali with the number of visiting surfers increasing. However, not all surf spots are suitable for kitesurfing, but Bali is being recognized as one of the most attractive destinations with suitable spots for kitesurfing.

Reasons Why Bali Is Becoming an Appealing Location for Kitesurfing

Many vacationers and tourists are trooping into Bali from every nook and cranny of the world for kitesurfing due to many reasons, which include:

1. Suitable Kitesurfing Spots

Bali has popular locations with peculiar characteristics that are perfect for kitesurfing. Bali has large open water bodies with good launch areas that are suitable for kitesurfing. In addition, the kitesurfing locations have favourably consistent and steady offshore winds, which are required for kitesurfing.

2. The Stunning Coastline Beaches

Bali is distinguished for its exceptionally beautiful white sand beaches that cover its coastlines, which are bordered by picturesque scenery that are eye-appealing. Furthermore, the beaches are suitable for picnicking, taking scenic photographs and enjoying all the best of both worlds.

Video source: The Kitesurf Channel

3. Surf Spots

Bali is well acclaimed for its large number of incredible surf spots and surf campsites fitting for both the beginner, who wants to learn surfing, and an adept surfer, who wants to take the advantage of the massive wave with magnificent breaks, swells, and refractions for surfing.

4. Availability of Surf Accessories

As surfing is turning to a booming business in Bali, the number of individuals and companies that are selling and providing surf accessories rental services is increasing. Hence, in Bali, you will not find any surf accessories that you desire wanting.

5. Surfing Schools

Bali is well celebrated for its varieties of surf schools, which are some of the best in the world. These schools are open for learners as well as for experienced surfers, who desire to learn new skills and want to achieve greater heights.

6. Amiable Culture

Bali is characterized with amiable people and interesting culture you can adapt and enrich your surf experience with. In addition to surfing, you can take your take time walk through the street of Bali watching events and interact with the Balinese. Moreover, you can visit their places of extraordinary tourist attractions.

Undoubtedly, if you choose to surf to in Bali, you will assuredly not regret your moments as you will get the best of both worlds of surfing and other interesting activities that will keep the momentum going.