Krebet Village

Krebet is a part barren sedimentary rock landless. At the start looking forward to agriculture Krebet community as a supply of life, however because of seasonal agricultural activities happen solely think about irrigation and rain fed furthermore because the parcel is barren, then the native residents to develop different skills to create things from wood crafts in batik made. Until now. Krebet village become the middle of the far-famed wood batik in Yogyakarta.

Wooden Batik Media
If we all know batik drawn on the material, then batik made by Krebet is on the wood. Residents Krebet utilizing wood as a medium for batik to be able to manufacture lovely works of high price are abundant in demand by domestic and foreign tourists. Krebet holidaymaker village additionally encompasses a dried flower craft merchandise that are in nice demand by tourists. The method of batik wood media will definitely need ability, in distinction with batik on art effect. As a result of the pattern is made manually, not written, then the wood batik with the media needs a high degree of accuracy. Motif wood batik created by residents Krebet is like motif parangrusak, parangbarong, kawung, eagle, sidorahayu, sidomukti, and different motifs.

Various handicraft merchandise made by residents Krebet are like masks, puppets, wardrobes, family accessories, wood statues, jewellery boxes, and different ornamental wood batik with a value vary ranging from low cost to millions. For selling wasn't solely domestically, however has penetrated overseas markets. Krebet holidaymaker village additionally offers home stay facilities for tourists who wish to understand a lot of regarding the craft of creating wood batik or simply wish to relish the atmosphere of the country continues to be lovely Krebet or to be told farming to native residents.

Krebet village settled within the hamlet Krebet, Sendangsari Village, Bantul, Yogyakarta, around 12 kilometers south west of Yogyakarta. Travel commercial enterprise Village Krebet may be done by passing the Bantul Road heading south past Kasongan commercial enterprise village.

Krebet Merti Ceremony
Krebet Residents additionally often organizes a ceremony Merti Krebet Hamlet. This ceremony could be a sort of expression of feeling to the voters Krebet Almighty God for the galore crops. The ceremony passed off with mountains parade containing staple food on the approach Hamlet Krebet by troopers followed by different villagers who brought ans Ubo Rampe celebration. Once being paraded through the summerhouse mountains, mountains left to the elders for prayer ar control along and so mound and Ubo Rampe are distributed to residents by approach of conquest to require food within the sort of these.