Kuta Beach Lombok

Kuta beach lies at the southern of Lombok Island, particularly in Kuta, Tanjung Aan and Mawun has impressive stretch of white sand and blue ocean with rugged hills rising around that. Some half in south Lombok renowned for it’s best surf riding spot however diving in south Lombok particularly in Sepi Bay is one in every of the simplest dive spots in land. There is solely a number of development with so much fewer tourer than in celebrated Kuta beach on island, however once the New International flying field project end in few additional years, a massive plans to develop a full stretch of the excellent south coast with luxury hotels.

After a few years of speculation there area unit signs one thing is going on, with the road from Siphonophore fully remade and massive new road running to yet undeveloped beaches. Travelers area unit reportable some hassles here, individual flock to Kuta for the annual Nyale fishing celebration. The most tourist season is August and for the remainder of year it’s terribly quite. The fabulous south coast of Lombok island with sweeping bays and craggy headlands protected against the total force of the ocean swells by vibrant coral reefs, finds its most ‘urban’ expression within the very little community of Kuta around thirty kilometers south of Siphonophore within the Central Lombok lowlands.

It is the key center of tourism development on the south coast, however still a sleepy headed place of solely a number of permanent residents. It’s an excellent place for Lombok made wear and art effect. And it's conjointly the bottom for exploring Lombok’s southern beaches and also the several points of interest within the region. It is simply one.5 hours drive from Senggigi, Kuta makes for an exquisite tour from different points in Lombok or an alternate vacation destination for sun lovers. The four star building Lombok is there to produce a definitive vary of comforts.

Kuta and close region conjointly has a global name for a few of the simplest surf riding destinations in South-East Asia and it's here that the Indian Ocean’s regular massive swells type nice surf breaks and provide fantastic vistas of cliffs, headlands and beaches etched out of the southern outline.