Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani was found on the island of Lombok, to induce to Mount Rinjani, you'll use a right away bus from capital of Indonesia to Mataram, once inbound in Mataram you are heading to the village Sembalun or may also use the vehicle to the village Senaru. Victimization the flight from capital of Indonesia, Surabaya and Denpasar headed to the airport of Selaparang Mataram - Lombok. Rinjani has panorama best among the mountains in Indonesia. Every year June and August are often times visited naturally lovers from native residents, students, lovers of nature. Temperatures average around 12 - 20 Celsius, robust winds are common at the height in August.

In addition to the height, the place is frequented Segara Anakan, a lake located at associate degree altitude of 2.000 meters on top of water level. To achieve this location we will climb from the village Senaru or Sembalun Lawang village (two nearest entry purpose at associate degree altitude of 600 meters from sea level and 1.150 meters on top of ocean level). Most climbers begin rise from the rise route and finish Sembalun in Senaru, it will save 700 meters altitude. Sembalun route is quite long however flat, and therefore the weather is hotter as a result of it's through the hot savannas. It's cold temperatures, however direct radiation burning the skin, cream shading is very suggested.

From Route Senaru slope while not an intermission, however soft as a result of the weather through the forest. Of the 2 locations takes concerning seven hours walking toward the lip ridge at associate degree altitude of 2.641 meter above sea level. In there of this read of the lake, or to the surface is extremely nice. From Plawangan Senaru all the way down to the lake through a steep wall to a height of 2000 meter above sea level, which might be reached in a pair of hours. within the lake we will tenting, fishing (Carper, Oreochromis mossambicus) ar aplenty. Residents have a convention of visiting lombok pups before long to soak in hot tubs and fishing.