Borneo Orangutan or also called Pongo pygmaeus, it is a species of orangutans that are still there on Borneo. As the name implies, Borneo orangutans living on the islands and are endemic. Although the population is more than orangutans from Sumatra, the Borneo orangutan is not free from extinction threat. Borneo Orangutan wildlife including rare one in Indonesia with the conservation status of endangered or threatened.

This animal has a latin name Pongo pygmaeus. In English known as Bornean Orangutan. The Borneo Orangutan consists of three subspecies, like; Pongo pygmaeus morio, Pongo pygmaeus and Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus wurmbi.

The characteristic of Orangutan is not much different from the Sumatran orangutan. Borneo orangutan is greater than the Sumatran orangutan. Borneo orangutan has a height of about 1.5 meters and a weight of about 50-100 kg for males and 30-50 kg for females.

Reddish is brown fur, has a long and strong arms, short legs, and with no tail. Borneo Orangutan males have a bump on either side of the face that began to develop in adulthood after the first marriage. Bornean orangutan is an omnivorous animal though prefers plants. The staple food is fruit, leaves, bark, flowers, bird egg, insects and other small vertebrates. It is endemic to Borneo orangutan active during the day and how to communicate through voice.