Pentingsari Village

Fairy of immortal
The first person to inhabit the hamlet Pentingsari is Kyai Jokarto Grandma. He was a soldier of Diponegoro lived concerning the year 1790 - 1905 and occupy the land Pentingsari as a topographic point and struggles similarly as an area to measure attributable to its location is extremely strategic hamlets Pentingsari. And nobody had antecedently unbroken for a protracted time as a result of some trial Pentingsari village of riots, diseases and disorders of spirits inhabiting the Yellow and Pawon. solely grandma Kyai Jokerto will overcome all of that and since of his power disturbances can divert the flow of volcanic rock from Mount Merapi, therefore it doesn't reach Pentingsari village.

Pentingasi formed sort of a ground west wherever there's a awfully steep depression of times Yellow and south there square measure bees that is Ledok Cave / Ponteng and Gondoran east there's a steep depression of Kali Pawon and north could be a upland which will be connected on to the soil in Umbulharjo encompassing villages up to the court of Mount Merapi. Pentingsari consists of 2 villages specifically Bonorejo and Pentingsari wherever Bonorejo Pentingsari south and north of the hamlet hamlets wherever Bonorejo originally colonized by the family Mertokromo Pentingsari Colonized by the family whereas grandma Kyai Jokerto. Effected to Pentingsari Umbulharjo village round the year 1895 was renamed the village headman Pentingsari the primary is Kyai Jokerto Grandma.

Holy Water of Sendangsari
Shower was terribly trustworthy  by the community and encompassing hamlets Pentingsari as a gathering place Dewi Nawang Wulan and Joko Tarup will cure diseases and create eternal youth by drinking or laundry your face with this water, the situation of this object is extremely near the atmosphere and feel the sweetness of the river depression .

Luweng (Cooking Tools)
Luweng is one proof of however widespread struggle Diponegoro in ouster the Dutch in Yogyakarta, luweng at that point used as a kitchen utensil Pentingsari villagers to produce food for the military of aristocrat Diponegoro, similarly as a topographic point once the pushed position.

Houses Joglo
The house was within the shaft Joglo Pentingsari business village, additionally to displaying the characteristics of beauty and culture reception Joglo will be used as a gathering place, training, art and culture.

Activities: village trekking, farming activity, batik course, play gamelan and many more