Puncak Pass

Puncak Pass lies on the mountain between Bandung and Bogor. It's a cool space, that is incredibly in style. The individual from the city pay their weekend and on public holidays from the warmth and busy streets of Jakarta to Puncak. Jakarta to Puncak takes regarding 3 hours drive. Puncak Pass space has been as the foremost weekend retreat for Indonesians capital town resident. The cool, fresh air, and therefore the brilliant read provide a relaxed, contemporary and peaceful feeling. Within the afternoon, sunsets from the highest of the pass will be quite spectacular.

Puncak Pass is one among fascinating destination within the West Java Province. It is set within the south of capital of Indonesia and might be reached by an hour journey. Puncak Pass is a perfect place for weekend, yet as a decent location to search out a contemporary mountain air. Besides, several attractions will be found near, like the Bogor and Cibodas Biology Gardens, the Gede Pangrango National Park, the Plantations and therefore the parkland.

Puncak Pass consists of 3 districts: Ciawi, Megamendung, Cisarua. The world is acquainted with its contemporary air and exquisite panorama. The Gunung Mas XII Plantation is in Puncak, Cisarua district. It offers panorama with mountainous panorama, that might solely be found in Puncak. Activities that might be done square measure tea walk and seeing the creating of the tea from the selecting of tea till the tea is prepared to serve.