Radya Pustaka Museum

Radya Pustaka Museum was built on October 28, 1980 by Gusti Kanjeng Sosrodiningrat IV, throughout the reign of Dalem Pepatih Pakubuwono IX and X lies on street of Slamet Riyadi, precisely in the complex of Sriwedari Cultural Park Surakarta.

Radya Pustaka Museum marked appreciation of the initiators of the institution of this museum to immortalize his name, the museum building to the east Walidyasana's name, a mixture of words Walidi and attitude. This building land is purchased by His impressiveness Sri Paku Buwana X valued at sixty five thousand Dutch guilders from John Busselaar by notarial deed 13 / VII Tanaheigendom range ten in 1877. To understand K.R.A. Sosrodingrat IV then created ​​his sculpture placed within the depository that was once called Loji Kadipolo.

Filler things from the depository several Kasunanan Surakarta Palace, Kepatihan from the acquisition of the G.P.H Hadiwijaya, different participants and donations. During this assortment of ancient objects that have a worth of high art and history, among others: a number of the stone and bronze statues of Hindu and Buddhist era. Assortment of ancient dagger and a range of ancient weapons, a group of ensemble, beber puppet, a group of ceramics and varied different art stuff.