Samosir Island

Samosir Island, within the middle of Lake Toba is that the size of Singapore. Lake toba is that the largest and deepest crater lake in world.906 meter higher than water level, a water extent of 1,265 km square, 90 km long with a outline of 285 km and with a mean depth of 450 meters. Samosir island is that the home of Batak individuals. The population of Samosir Island is around a 130.568, or 91 per square.

The island measures 45 by 20 kilometer and originally was a solid ground. It solely became a solid ground when the Dutch arrived and mamma a canal across the tiny piece of land of two hundred meter in 1906. This action gave the impression to have lots to try and do among the native population, as a result of they thought the island would slip away towards the center of the lake and easily disappear. The Japanese coast of the island rises steeply from low bank towards a central tableland with associate altitude of 780 meters. This step by step descends towards the southern and western coast of the island and is scattered with little villages that perilously rest on the rock, and cross ravens. The Samosir tableland in the main is obvious rock, with some scattered forests, swamps and low lake.

There is a road parallel with the shores of the island, however this may be unhealthy at bound points, with variety of unhealthy bridges within the southwestern corner. From Pangururan to the centre at the western aspect, a bridge connects the island with terra firma Sumatera. The road ascends to associate altitude of 1800 meters subsequently. Here, the village of Tele offers an honest read over the lake and therefore the island. throughout the northeastern monsoon (September till January), a robust wind sometimes arrived from the high altitudes, the alogo bolong or 'big wind'. This produces wave of over one meter high, which might created traffic over water terribly onerous. Native ferries, most of the time full with freight and other people, may be lost throughout these storms.