Sangiran Museum

Sangiran is a geographical region settled at the foot of Mount Lawu, exactly within the depression Solo concerning 21km to the north of Solo town. It is settled within the region of Sragen and partially located in Karanganyar district, Central Java Province. Its space is 56 km square covering 3 districts within the Sragen district. Kalijambe, district Gemolong, Plupuh and Karanganyar.

This area is often as a result of at these sites area unit found the remains of past life is incredibly fascinating to watch and learn. The foremost wonderful issue and will get complete data from the history of early human life be it concerning the environs, life patterns, the animals that stand him and also the incidence of the landscape at intervals a amount of not but a pair of million years ago.

Fascinating is predicated on analysis that early human species Homo Erectus found in Sangiran space around over a hundred people veteran the evolution of not but one million years. And it seems this variety represents sixty fifth of all early human fossils found in Indonesia and 500 of the quantity of comparable fossils found within the world. However not solely that, the content of the rock that was once utilized by early man that was considerably, therefore we will clearly understand or reveal the lives of early humans and their culture that flourished at that point.

From the analysis of specialists indicated that Sangiran originally a hill referred to as the "Dome Sangiran" then worn the highest to create a depression as a result of the movement of the watercourse. In stratigraphic this website is that the most complete early human sites in Asia that life is viewed in sequence while not interruption since a pair of million years ago that since the Late Pliocene epoch time till the tip of the center Pleistocene.