Sanur Beach

Sanur beach is a stunning white sandy beach with calm and heat saltwater set in east a part of Denpasar city. The beach's location in east and south a part of Sanur Village is a position of land Ocean. This place has known since lasting, particularly once the happening of the Puputan Badung war on twenty Gregorian calendar month 1906, wherever that moment the Dutch migrate land its army during this coast. There's a stone monument found during this place as AN inscription of Sri Kesari Warmadewa King with the palace in Singhadwala year 917, whereabouts currently there square measure in Blanjong, southern a part of Sanur Beach.

Sanur beach is 1st time introduced by European country creator known as A.J. lupus Mayeur and his partner named atomic number 28 Polok that remains in Sanur since the year of 1937. He has performed his own masterpiece painting exhibition and begin introduces Sanur as a traveler place in island. In south-east facet, we are able to see the bunch of Nusa Penida Island and east we are able to see stunning panorama of island strait with its Agung Mount as a background. The tropical atmosphere sweep entire of Sanur Beach that creates it as a perfect place for relaxation. it's additionally blessed by the breathless read of sunrise that one is that the fascination for traveler to go to and keep during this place.

As a traveler place in island, Sanur beach is one among the choice place to perform the event from native, national and additionally international. for instance events square measure control during this place like Kite and Jukung Race. different tourists facilities are often found during this place square measure the existence of hotels with international customary just like the Grand island Beach building, island Hyatt Resort, Sanur beach building and a lot of. the assorted of this business enterprise facilities square measure mixed with different facilities for native resident square measure creating the great combination traveler space that is completely different like Nusa Dua that's a closed space. The art look, accommodation from cheaper hotels till 5 star hotels, bar and edifice square measure quite an heap out there during this place.