Sari temple

Sari temple was found 1 km northeast Kalasan. The temple was found in broken condition in order that in 1929, created restoration that led to 1930. The temple size 17.30 x 17 meters facing eastward, with a ladder into a cubicle on the side. On both sides of the temple there's a window.

Inside the body, there area unit 3 areas in an exceedingly row, every connected the doorway. This temple is foretold to rise, the likelihood of floors manufactured from wood. It's renowned from the holes that area unit foretold to be wont to place the top of wood beams.

In the north and south walls of the area below, a hollow is adorned with Kalamakara. On the outer facet of the body temple, engraved statues of gods and town deity. The sculptures of 26 items (8 on the side, 8 within the north, 8 within the south, and 12 within the west). In general, this sculpture is depicted with sleek perspective (attitude Tribangga) and holds a red and blue lotus. Outside the temple walls area unit equipped with Bajralepa .

Based on the statues and engraved reliefs of gods is seen that a non secular background dress Temple could be a Buddhist. Indicates that the division of house is employed as a cloister dress Temple (dormitory priest). Year of multinational of the temple couldn't be determined, however supported the testimony of the existence of monasteries in Kalasan