Sendangsono Maria Lourdes

Sendangsono is the shrine cave of Maria, situated within the Village Banjaroyo, Kalibawang village, Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta. Maria Cave is managed by Parish of St Sendang Sono. Maria Lourdes in Promasan north west of Yogyakarta. This place is visited by pilgrimages from everywhere country in might and special time. Additionally to prayer, the pilgrims usually enter from the supply. They believe that the water will cure diseases. connected records show, was originally Sendangsono stops (short break) the pedestrians from Borobudur district, Magelang to Boro district of Kulonprogo.

The place was abundant visited thanks to the existence of the spring (spring) that seems in between 2 trees sono. Coolness and luxury wherever it absolutely was wont to be impressioned by variety of priesthood Buddha, so as to purify and be lonely themselves. Spiritualist values emerged and reinforced in line with the trust that's supported a legend the place was occupied.

Lantamsari divinity and her solely son, Den Baguse Samija. From there it are often seen that the particular worth of non secular Sendangsono was awake before Christian church add the place. The existence Sendangsono not escape the role of Father Van Lith SJ, Dutch pastor who long lived on the island of Java. It additionally indicates that Sendangsono not be free from the cycle of the history of the Christian church on the island of Java, since Father Van Lith itself is one who unfold the teachings of the Catholic priesthood on the island of Java.

December fourteen ‘1904, Father Van Lith name agone 171 native residents with water from the 2 trees of Sono, together with Mr. Barnabas as initial catechumens. 25 years later exactly holy day of obligation ‘1929 Sendangsono formally declared an area of journey by Father J.B Prennthaler of Virgin Maria in Sendangsono battery-powered by the Spanish Queen who was thus onerous it raised coltish ride from the village by the individuals Kalibawang Sentolo.

In the year of 1945, country had the chance Catholic Youth journey to Lourdes, from there they brought the rock wherever the looks of the virgin Mary to be established below the feet of Sendangsono as relics thus Sendangsono known as Maria Lourdes Cave Spring Sono. Inbuilt stages since 1974 solely by wishing on donations of the individuals. Humanists and priesthood, atomic number 70 Mangunwijaya which provides slightly of design. The construct of the advanced development of this Sendangsono Javanese, friendly setting. Building materials utilizing natural product. Year 1991, the advanced of buildings Sendangsono awarded the simplest design from designer country ties, for the class of special buildings. On month May 17, 2004, control a procession and Mass Lord's Supper at 10.00 by Mgr. Suharyo Ignatius Pr to commemorate 100 years Sendangsono.