Senggigi Beach

Senggigi beach is known lies in Lombok Island. Situated on the geographical area of Lombok Island. Senggigi Beach isn't as massive as Kuta Beach in Bali, however straight off we tend to square measure here can desire being at Kuta beach, Bali. Coastal beaches square measure still lovely, though there square measure still leaves that square measure still strewn garbage as a result of it's seldom cleansed.

Underwater scenery is extremely lovely, and tourists will do snorkel diving the maximum amount as a result of the waves don't seem to be overlarge. Coral reefs cause waves soaring to magnitude skint come in the center. There are hotels with varied cost, from the expensive to the edifice economically worthy.

Batu Bolong / Hole Stone
About 0.5 hour by foot, the tourists will notice Batu Bolong at this beach. This can be a temple designed on a reef that is found on the city district. in keeping with native legend of past times square measure usually control a virgin sacrifice to the sharks square measure fed back to the current place. Another legend says the primary wide fielded girls removed from this place into the ocean attributable to a broken heart. From this place additionally seen Mount Agung in Bali.

Batu Layar / Screen Stone
Not far from Batu Bolong there's the place of a divine. This can be a sacred place for the followers of Wetu Telu. Stone screen at the visit in a busy time "Lebaran topat" that is associate Idul for the people that fasted one week when Islam celebration day.