Sewu Temple

Sewu temple advanced consists of 249 temples with the most temple is flanked by eight little temples and 240 temples "ancillary". the most temple kind a  2 dimensional figure format that consists of 20 corners with a diameter of 29 meters and a height of 30 meters. nearly the complete temple structure is created of igneous rock stone buildings apart from the core structure product of red bricks that form a cube.

Sewu temple park set in Prambanan units in Bener, Bugisan Village, District Prambanan, Klaten regency, Central Java Province, concerning 18 kilometers east of Yogyakarta. Sewu set north of Prambanan, or concerning 800 meters to the temple Rara Jongrang.

Structure of temple
Sewu temple is often divided vertically into 3 components, the legs, body and roof of the temple. At the foot of the temple there's a row of ornamental reliefs portrayal motifs purnakalasa or flower jar decoration, additionally "statue" a lion at every corner of a gathering between the legs and ladder structures. additionally to the outer facet of the ladder-shaped cheeks Makara, there are reliefs portrayal a Yaksa, Kalpawrksa, and Sankha.

The main temple has one main space and 4 little rooms connected to the most temple. East door is the most door into the most space, and the most temple facing to the east. The structure of the temple has nine roof, within which every roof forming a stupa at its peak. Auxiliary temples and temple Apit entirely contained on the second page and organized in four rows forming coaxial rectangles. On fourth down the road close to the fence into 2, every of that contained a combine of large size statues of Dwarapala. High sculpture of roughly 229.5 cm and placed on a square pedestal as high as just about 111 cm.