Singosari Temple

Singasari Temple was found at Candi Renggo village, Singosari Sub-district, regarding 9 kilometer from Malang. The temple is additionally referred to as Cungkup temple or Tower temple, which means that this temple is the highest, a minimum of compared to the opposite temples within the compound.

Now days, it's solely Singasari temple left in Singasari space, where the opposite temples have gone while not a trace. There's no sure time once this temple was designed, however the archaeologist estimate that the temple was designed around thirteenth century to commemorate King Kertanagara of Singosari Kingdom. There area unit 2 shrines dedicated to Kertanagara, Singosari and Jawi temples, as indicated within the presence of many Shiva statues within the temple’s court.

Singosari temple is at the middle of the court. The temple body rest on a shelf, 1.5 meter high. the bottom of the temple is easy in style, with none ornament or relief. In contrast to alternative temple, the steps at the bottom of the temple bear no decoration of Makara pattern. The doorway of the house within the temple was found at the front aspect of show area facing the south. the doorway is additionally straightforward while not ornaments etched on the sill. on top of the doorway sills may be a relief sculpture of Kala head. The design is extremely modest. Some of the relief-sculptures area unit therefore modest and straightforward that leads individuals to suspect that Singasari Temple was partly completed.

Slightly rearward on the left and mitt sides of the gate there's a distinct segment to place a sculpture. Similar niche also are found on the opposite 3 sides of the temple’s body. These niches area unit larger with an indented show on top of that sills straightforward ornaments of Kala head area unit etched. At the middle of the space there's a Yoni that's already broken in its higher half. No engraving area unit found on the Yoni’s base.