Sonobudoyo Museum

Sonobudoyo repository lies within the center of Yogyakarta town. In 1929 the gathering of cultural information from Java, Madura, island and Lombok. institution of repository coming up with Committee was fashioned in 1913 by members included: Ir. TH. Karsten PHW Sitsen, Koeperberg. Building the repository victimisation ground scrap "Shouten" land gift from Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII and is characterized by sengkalan candrasengkala "Blind ngrasa estining lata in 1934 AD.

While the inauguration done by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwana wage VIII on Wednesday on nine Ruwah 1866 Java with marked moon sengkala "Wood Kinayang Ing Brahmin Buddha" which suggests years of Java or the precise date is Nov 6, 1935 years B.C. Throughout the Japanese occupation Sonobudoyo repository is managed by Regent Paniradyapati Wiyata Praja the Office of Social teaching section.

At the time of Independence and so managed by Regent Utorodyopati Prawito the ranks of the govt. culture of Yogyakarta Special Region. Then in 1974 the repository Sonobudoyo submitted to the Central Government / Ministry of Education and Culture and is directly accountable to the board of directors General with the enactment of Law no 22 of 2000 on the authority and authorities of Provinces as Autonomous Regions.

Sonobudoyo repository began in Gregorian calendar month 2001 joined the Department of Culture and tourism of Yogyakarta Province planned to be UPTD government August 3, 2002 regarding the institution and organization Regional workplace surroundings UPTD the Provincial Government of Yogyakarta and therefore the Governor's Decree No. 161 / date 2002. November 4, regarding TU - Poksi. Sonobudoyo museum repository is keep ten forms of collection:

  • Assortment of Geology
  • Assortment of Biology
  • Assortment of Ethnography
  • Assortment of Anthropology
  • Assortment of Numismatka
  • Assortment of History
  • Assortment of Philology
  • Assortment of Cosmology
  • Assortment of fine arts
  • Assortment of Technology