Stone Carving

Stone carving is an ancient activity wherever items of rough natural stone area unit formed by the controlled removal of stone. As a result of the permanency of the fabric, proof that was found that even the earliest societies indulged in some type of stone work.

Work distributed by paleolithic societies to make flint tools is additional typically brought up as knapping. Stone carving that's done to provide writing is additional typically brought up as writing. Stone carving differs from stone as in marble production therein it's the act of shaping or incising the stone, where the production is that the activity of getting helpful stone, typically in blocks from earth science sources.

The term stone carving is of specific significance to sculptors being a relation to a selected means of manufacturing sculpture, as opposition model in clay or casting. The term conjointly refers to the activity of masons in dressing stone blocks to be used in design, building or engineering. It's conjointly a phrase utilized by archaeologist, historian, and anthropologist to explain the activity concerned in creating some kinds of Petroglyph.