Tana Toraja

A village protected by gorgeous mountains and rugged granite cliffs of the central highlands of the island of Celebes, Tana Toraja those that lives in valleys that square measure lush with inexperienced rice terraces and fertile low plantations. Discovered and opened to the earth from their long isolation only since the beginning of the last century, the Tana Toraja today still adhere to their previous beliefs, rituals and traditions, although many of her people square measure progressive or have embraced Christianity.

The road from Makasar to Toraja runs on the coast for regarding 130 kilometers then hits the mountain. once the door to Tana Toraja at the market village of Mebali one enters an imposing landscape of huge, gray granites and stones and blue mountains afar that A pointy distinction with the spirited inexperienced of the fertile, rain-fed terraces and thus the rusty red of the tropical soil. this will be Tana Toraja, one in every of the foremost splendid areas in state.

Here, the nobility of Toraja are believed to be descendents of heavenly beings who reduced by a heavenly stairs to live here on earth throughout this gorgeous landscape. to remain up the energy of the land and its people, the Toraja people believe that these ought to be sustained through ritual issue that commemorate every life and death, that square measure attached to the agricultural seasons. Here rituals in relevance life square measure strictly separated from death rites.

Toraja is most traditional for its elaborate observance ceremony which will take days and involve entire village. These are not only moments for mourning but square measure what's a lot of events to renew family ties and to create certain continued unity among villages and communities.