Water Castle

Water Castle is placed solely concerning 500 meters within the side of the Sultan Palace of Yogyakarta. It had been built the age of Sultan Hamengku Buwana I that was finally finished by Sultan Hamengkubuwana II. He designed this place by making a replacement vogue that was a mixture and a mix of Javanese and Portuguese design.

Water Castle has been designed once the accord of Giyanti (1755), throughout the time, Sultan Hamengkubuwana has been handling battles and conflicts. Therefore, water castle was supposed to be an area wherever Sultans will notice a peaceful heart and mind as a refreshing place. It had been additionally created as a defense to anticipate the emergency scenario, as an area for worship that's additionally equipped with slightly mosque at Sumur Gumuling. The Water Castle consists of:

  • The Sacred area, there is the sacred place within the complicated showing a separated building, that once functioned as a domicile place for the Sultan and his family.
  • The showering pool, this half was at one time a pleasure place for the royal line. Consists of 2 bathing pool that area unit separated with 2 buildings. From the building Sultan watched all the ladies swimming within the outer pool. Then he may raise a number of them to accompany him into the inner swim pool. The water sprouts from a forming animal sculpture into the pool. The pool is additionally adorned with some massive flowerpots.
  • Kenanga or Cemeti Island, this half compounds of some buildings like Kenanga or Cemeti place (forming Island), Sumur Gemuling and underground tunnels.

Tamansari was once an attractive and complex water park that lasting years past was additionally referred to as 'Segaran' that is within the Javanese word suggests that artificial ocean.