Rafting Upper Progro River

This rafting is the second choice and dedicated to anyone who needs a sensational feeling on the largest water course in Java island. With the grade level between I - IV, your heart can work terribly exhausting for this challenge of rafting course. The rafting trip can begin from Blimbing bridge, Muntilan district - Magelang and It will be end at Tempuran bridge, Magelang town - Central Java.

In the middle of rafting trip, whereas take a rest will have a young contemporary coconut and find pictures for the raft memory here. The rafting trip continued for an additional grades and can pass flat water, where place a decent for the sport or simulation. you'll be able to get your own expertise and satisfaction for this trip and bathtub area are ready when value once you end. Definition:

  • Location: Magelang
  • River's name: Progo river
  • Length distance: 12 km
  • Length raft: 2 hours
  • Grade level: I – IV
  • Start point: Blimbing bridge
  • Finish point: Tempuran bridge


  • Transport ac
  • Rafting equipment
  • Instructor
  • Certificate
  • Mineral water
  • Lunch, soft drink and snack

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